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A special Massage Friday in support of the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

Massage Friday in support of a Worthy Cause at SAVH

By Doris Ho |  November 7, 2022

CWL’s management secured a booking of two well-trained, visually-handicapped masseurs on 7 November 2022 from the Mobile Massage Team of SAVH, which stands for the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped.  This special treat for CWL staff not only helped to ease tensions away, but also allowed the blind masseurs to utilise their abilities to stay employable and remain self-reliant.

We’re happy to support a worthy cause & contribute to making Singapore a more inclusive society!  

34-year-old Hong Wei who was born partially blind. He attended mainstream schools until Secondary 2; by then, he could not see the classroom blackboard anymore. When enlisted into the army, his loss of sight was formally diagnosed.  This cheerful young man whom we got to know enjoys listening to Chinese pop music while he works.   

Uncle Song who is in his late 60s shared that he lost his sight when he was 28 years old, due to detached retina.  He had his first operation in Australia, which gave him partial recovery. In 2005, he went back for a second operation. Sadly, he experienced total loss of sight just six months after that.   

Walking hand-on-shoulder to the restroom and back to the office, led carefully by CWL staff : 

Snapshots of our Massage Friday event, a CSR initiative by CWL: 

More to come for sure (thanks Boss!)

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