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What clients say about CWL Facilities Management

  • We would like to commend CWL on their helping the MCST to resolve a number of outstanding issues and achieve substantial cost savings since their appointment to the estate.

    The Estate Manager, Ms Apple Ching, who is deployed to manage the day-to-day operations of Harvest Mansions Condominium with the supervision and guidance of HQ support Mr Joel Ong, have demonstrated team work and high standards of professionalism in the delivery of their services during the contract period.

    We are appreciative of their quality of service and look forward to continue working with them for the betterment of the estate.

    Harvest Mansions
    Management Council
    MCST No. 2236
    5 November 2020
  • CWL Facilities Management has been the partner-of-choice for Loyang Valley since year 2011. The good support to Council Members is shown from CWL’s valuable help and advice in handling complex tenders and managing major projects such as Waterproofing, Pump and Water Tank replacements, Lift Modernization and other upgrading works. In many instances, instead of engaging contractors, your technician was able to do the required rectification and replacement work by himself. This has achieved much savings for the MCST. In October 2023, we reappointed CWL once again because you have earned our confidence in your work quality, through the professionalism, knowledge of regulations and sense of responsibility we have seen in you as Managing Agents.

    Loyang Valley
    Charles Lee
    Chairman of 33rd - 36th Management Council
    MCST No.1188
    1 February 2024
  • CWL has the necessary organization structure in place to ensure that the MCST is operating effectively and in accordance with the BMSMA, PDPA and other regulations.

    Where MC needed guidance to ensure that decisions are made in accordance with these regulations, CWL has demonstrated professionalism with input from your experience and industry norms.

    The Quintet Condominium
    Terence Kew
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 3241
    1 December 2020
  • Your company’s team of dynamic and resourceful professionals who are equipped with good knowledge of the Strata Management Act has ensured that our estate is managed and maintained effectively. The staff’s sharp acumen has also generated a healthy surplus for the Management Corporation.

    I also wish to commend on your dedication and constant effort in providing sound advice to the Management Council on asset enhancement and estate management issues.

    Sante Fe Mansion
    Louie Ong
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 2321
    17 July 2017
  • We are pleased with the quality of managing services provided to Cashew Heights since 2018. We appreciate your responsiveness in terms of support given to the management team on site. CWL Facilities Management was reappointed by the incoming Council after AGM and has been consistent in the discharge of their duties.

    We look forward to your continued great work for the estate.

    Cashew Heights
    Henry Soh
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 1706
    1 August 2019
  • CWL Facilities Management Pte Ltd has been serving our estate for almost 3 years. We are happy to commend their managing agent services considering their support on- and off-site from the management office team and headquarters.

    The site manager deployed on site has great leadership and coupled with the senior management team, they have resolved a generous number of outstanding issues which we were unable to resolve prior to their appointment.

    Central Grove Condominium
    Tan Kah Hock
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 2612
    1 October 2019
  • Great appreciation to CWL for proactive support as Managing Agent of Beacon Heights. Management Council received positive feedback from Subsidiary Proprietors on significant improvement in the estate. Things are moving well. The willingness to partner with management council for the improvement of the estate has put CWL ahead of the pack in the industry.

    Indeed, great partnership between Managing Agent and Management Council. Special shout out to both Joel and Angie for lifting up the branding of CWL.

    Thanks for the great work.

    Beacon Heights
    Desmond Tan
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 4031
    4 February 2022
  • During April 2021 when we were sourcing for a new MA company, CWL not only presented to us their professionalism, most competitive pricing but also their willingness to meet our demand and request. Without any doubt, they are the chosen one for us.

    Being a very new estate, the day to day operations have been very challenging as we faced many issues with vendors as well as residents. The CWL team, represented by Dan Lee, Roselia Poh, together with the technician and admin - Mr Kweaw & Ms Syimah stationed in the estate - have been remarkable. Their capability of handling and managing the estate issues often gave us the assurance that things are in the right direction and will be resolved in due time. They are truly the assets of the CWL company and should be greatly appreciated.

    iNZ Residence just had our 2nd AGM during Dec 2021. The CWL team has offered so much assistance with the utmost professionalism, and never failed to meet the timelines. We are really blessed to have chosen the right company to work with.

    Kindly consider CWL for your estate, I'm sure you won't regret it!

    iNZ Residence
    David Lim
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 4710
    9 March 2022
  • CWL has been our MA for a number of years. They've been a steady hand, giving us sound advice on issues, and organizing AGMs etc very capably. Staff turnover can be an issue in this industry, but CWL has always been extremely prompt in finding replacement staff. They are currently partnering with us to digitize all our processes and approvals, and put them online for greater efficiency and convenience of residents.

    The Waterina
    Kevin Hynds
    Council Chairman
    MCST No. 2992
    23 March 2022
  • I have been in the Waterina for over 12 years. I would like to share my gratitude for having Mary [CWL's Condo Manager] in our condo. Mary is always helpful and supportive. Her good attitude at work and her dedication are outstanding among others. We had different condo managers here over the years but none of them are resilient and hardworking like her. We are lucky to have her in our condo to provide the services.

    The Waterina
    Dr Ling Claytor
    MCST No. 2992
    17 March 2023

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